Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the longest summer ever

Andy dropped the bomb on me last night that we were going to have to cancel Jack's birthday party. He later amended the statement to re-schedule. It seems we might have a baseball game. Seems to me like Coach may be getting ahead of himself. Yes, the same man had visions of the Little League World Series last year. We have played much better this year, it is a different team, of course. Still, I put a lot of effort into planning this stuff, especially since I am very uncomfortably pregnant.
I have decided not to leave the house with the exception of ballgames, groceries and dr. visits. I would order groceries online if it were possible. I am soooooo tired.

We have a new book reader, the Amazon Kindle. I am pretty old school when it comes to some things. I like books, but this thing is amazing. I feel like I am downloading these books straight to my brain, I can read them so fast. Its also nice to purchase the trash that you'd rather not let people know you read. Thanks to my sister in law, my old habit of reading romance novels has reappeared. It's really not her fault, I just don't feel like putting effort into anything right now, but I am very bored without a t.v and it's 5000 degrees outside so I have backslid.

Have I mentioned how much I miss cute clothes and a cute figure to put in them? So when you see me on my rare trips out of the house, no I have NOT had this baby yet. Yes, September. All summer, I know, shut up.

I have no fabric to show, no projects,no nothing.
I did make two balloons wreaths and I have to report that they take considerably more balloons than the instructions say. Try 4 packs of 72 12 inch balloons for one wreath. The cheapest place to get the balloons is Wallie World. Same for the S pins. I think I am about into these wreaths for about 20 bucks a piece, no deal! How is it that every endeavour I begin ends up like this, much harder and more time consuming and expensive. It's maddening.
I have also monogrammed a few things for the baby boy. Again, realizing just how frustrating it is to find sweet baby boy things at a good price.

Sorry this is so down, but I am having a very hard time being up. I mentioned that I am so tired didn't I. I feel like I swallowed a 50 pd bag of concrete. Besides, the sweetheart that I am married to, the other thing that keeps me going is imagining my little boys face. Hopefully, the harder the pregnancy the cuter the baby. Of course, he'll be gorgeous to me.

I can't believe I haven't even thought about working on his room. I made a half-hearted attempt at cleaning out his closet which he will share with his big brother Jack. I made the crib sheet and still need to line the curtains and make a bedskirt. Maybe next week, we have a few ballgames this week.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Party Time

I can't believe that I have been so lacks about blogging. Its so hot here I can barely breathe. It is getting close to everyone having a birthday around here. Jack's is rapidly approaching. July 10th. He wants a waterslide, which we are renting. You can't have a party here in the depths of Alabama without water nearby. He has chosen a Backyardigans theme. I am not all about cartoon character themes,but I will happily oblige my baby and throw him a humdinger of a party. I have discovered several party blogs that I have enjoyed perusing and getting ideas from. Beginning with how does I am going to make this adorable balloon wreath. I plan to use it for all the parties.

I also plan to make more pom poms. I posted the instructions on a baby shower post. This time I will make sure I take photos. I have found an abundance of brightly colored tissue decorations at Target and Party City. My plan is to make a "chandelier" over the food table with these items. I will post directions with photos later. I am sure it will be a real head hurter, kidding. Evidently, I didn't get all the prom decorating out of my system when in high school. Its more fun this time.

I think what appeals to me the most on the party sites is the co-ordination of it all, name tags,labels,party favors,etc... Most of them can be made with microsoft word, or if you really want to go all out you can purchase the printables to co-ordinate with your party theme at The Party Here are some examples. I will be making labels for my party favors. If you sign up for the email updates on , they will email you a free set of birthday printables. Sweet! Be sure to check out The Party here for the cutest ideas for all get togethers. I could look for days.

I will post photos of my Jack's birthday next,along with his special what makes him awesome post. It might be a long one.

Also, my Mom will be sixty on the 28th so we are having a little dinner for her. So many parties so little time. I am trying to get Johnny's all planned out too. His is August the 2nd which coincides with the last month of this pregnancy. Who Hoo!

I have also begun nesting. I am almost finished with my bedroom curtains. They have been hanging for a year. When we moved in I was very prepared with window dressings for almost every room. I hadn't planned on using blinds except in the bedrooms. So for a while in the bedroom we used the panels I had almost completed. All I lacked was fixing the headers (i.e pleats). When the shutter people installed the shutters, I had an excellent opportunity to fix them. I thought I was too pooped. Little did I know what pooped really means. Anyway, its funny how pregnancy makes soooo many things intolerable. Just knowing that they were incomplete was starting to drive me crazy, so not only have I taken them down to fix, I added interling to my list of things to do. They already look much better, only one left to complete. The nursery is going to be my next job. I am so thankful my Mom really came through for me and offered to pay for the construction of the bumper. I have to make 2 euro pillows for Jack's bed, a crib skirt, crib sheets and line the curtain panels. More details to come on the nursery and photos.

Just writing this makes me tired, but not nearly as tired as being out in the sun all day does. Sam had All-Star scrimmage games on Friday night and again Saturday morning. I thought I was going to boil. Later Saturday, we had a party for his ball team. They won the Peanut tournament and came in second overall in the regular season. Quite an accomplishment for them, they looked like the Bad News Bears at the beginning of the season. Not posting any photos from it, it was pretty bare bones, pizza and a cake. They had fun though and I am glad we have one down, three more to go.