Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lengthy absences

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Whew! It has been awhile. I have a busy bee around here starting lots of projects and finishing few. I have such a surge of adrenaline to begin with, but unfortunately, it goes away much to quickly. I race around with my A.D.D brain trying to accomplish as much as I can while the baby naps and the big kids are at school. After lunch,its all about the car, maybe that explains why I wouldn't mind a bigger one. I hate unloading my stuff(period). There is sooo much disarray in the house already, I loathe the thought of toting the contents of my car inside. Its pretty much a make-shift locker room-trash can on wheels. My passengers shed their clothes and shoes all the time, not to mention throw candy wrappers and whatever else in the floor. I fuss enough about their stuff everywhere in the house, but I have given up on the car. I really haven't found any solutions to the kid stuff everywhere dilemma. Guilt does not motivate them, i.e I wish I could play Legos, but I have to sort through all these mountains of clothes. Bribery would, but I have to save that for the really important stuff. Dollar Tree Expeditions sometimes are successful, but then I HAVE to go up there, wait forever for them to pick out something, make more deals with them(yes candy counts as your one item), then get accosted in the parking lot by drivers of Buick Century's asking for money. You know,they kind of have you when they pull up behind your car and block you in. I also know good and well ten dollars in gas will not get you across the Bayway when it's 3 bucks a gallon. I am not good at math and I can figure that one. But the safety of my kids is worth ten dollars. She used at least 5 dollars in gas peeling out of there. Whatever. I recouped my ten dollar loss with coupons on diapers at Publix, holla!
In case my readers haven't noticed, I write the way I speak.
Anyway, maybe I can get a few things finished and I can post some before and after photos.
The above photo is my idea for my cousins nursery. We like similar colors and I like giving "solicited" advice. I haven't really looked for girl fabrics yet. Surprising, I know.