Saturday, January 8, 2011

mudroom chaos

As you can see, our mudroom is in desperate need of organizing. Its a complete disaster. I thought it would inspire me to clean it up and go through all the junk in there if I bought myself a yard or two of fabric.
Its the first room you see if you come in through our garage. Totally not what you want to see. It makes my shoulders droop a little when I enter there. To be honest I would rather have to trudge through the house a little ways before I am met with such disarray.
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When I buy a piece of fabric,I cannot wait to get to use it. I fell in love with the zig zag in yellow awhile back. I thought for sure I could sell Sam on it for his room. He is kind of flashy and to me, the pattern is kind of dynamic. Don't know why that word comes to mind when I see it, but it does. To my surprise, he did not like it. So I thought I could use it in blue. If you will remember a couple of months ago, I think I might have posted something about this same neglected space. I have had a little too much on my plate to bother with it, until now. I just so happen to have a gift card from Pottery Barn that has been burning a hole in my pocket since my birthday back in September!
My plans
1. To use what is already in there! I slaved over that cushion on the red bench. I actually made two. My husband did not like the idea of two benches on each side of the breakfast room table, so I scrapped that idea and had to find else where to use the benches. The cream one is at the foot of my bed, catching the abundance of pillows. The red one made its way, cushion intact, to the mudroom. By the way, I had planned on painting them to match. So the red bench in the P. Kaufmann Breeze (Tapestry colorway) is staying.
2. Cover the bulletin boards in the"dynamic" zigzag,and organizing the papers in a more "aesthetically pleasing" manner (a phrase borrowed from our favorite trim carpenter).
3. Hang the growth chart, finally!
4.Make some kids put away some of their junk.
5. Order name tags for each locker.
6.Order rug with aforementioned gift card.
7.Finally find some use for a roll of Waverly wallpaper that I bought at Big Lots.
8.Hang the art the monkeys are so proud of.
9. Last, but not least, clean out all the shoes, jackets, etc... that are not used on a daily basis. Ok. maybe that should be #1.
Anyway, you get the drift. Monday is my day to start. Stayed tuned I will post the results.