Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summers Over and School is Here

It was a busy summer for this family. I have had lots to write about,but little time to do it...
We have had some birthdays, five to be exact, which I might fill you in on later ... We played lots of baseball, didn't swim nearly enough...It basically flew by and now that they are back in school, a craziness has taken over me. I don't know why, but I am ready for my house to be organized! So if anyone would like to come over here and do it while I take a nap with my baby boy, come on. I had hoped that I would be ahead of the game before school started, so that when the constant deluge of paper and forms came in, I would be ready. I haven't lost anything yet and I am kind of managing, but barely.
I have a LOT of plans but still little time. Because, guess what, we are still playing baseball! Three teams, two boys. Sam is on a travel ball team, playing Fall baseball and has pitching lessons twice a week. Bless his heart, his schedule alone is exhausting, not only does he have games, but he has practice for these teams also. My attitude greatly influences theirs about their schedules. If I am happy-go-lucky about running them everywhere, they are too, but if I get stressed trying to get from A to B, it affects us all. I have to remind them many times to do this or that and unfortunately with the constant reminding I either lose track of what we are doing or just get mad! Yesterday, it was a little of both, I asked Sam to put Drew in his seat, while telling John and Jack 20 times to get in the car. We arrive at the baseball lesson without a glove. Sam laid it down on the ground outside the car rather than take two steps to put it in the car. He is so quick to obey, I will give him that. I love him so much and I don't want to burden him with adult responsibility, but I do want him to help.

They all try to help. I need to make a list of the things that would be a huge burden lifter. I firmly believe in addressing the people that you have issues with, I come from two people(aka my parents) who do NOT! I think if my boys realized how much it would help me and I could tell them in a clear, concise, non-crazy manner it might help. I don't know about every other Mama, but putting your dirty clothes in a particular spot is help! The floor is not the spot, your hamper is, as is the laundry room. Either, totally rocks in my book. Putting your dirty dish in the sink or by the sink is also awesome. All in all, it boils down to having a spot for everything. We do have this. But when the spot if full, tell Mama ( I do need reminders about the upstairs laundry) I will empty it and we can start all over. That is clear and concise isn't it?
So for the next few weeks, I may have some new bigger pics, I am also going to attempt to upload them differently. By the way, another reason I do not blog as often as I would like is because of pictures, I would like them, and I would like them to be my photos, but I still need to learn a thing or two about blogging efficiency, namely quickly loading pictures. I am open to suggestions, friends.
I have come across some killer fabrics lately and I am trying to freshen it up and clean it up around here. I am trying to define my style, which is difficult. I cannot start with a clean slate. I really like the look of a very neutral base, but I don't think the look of all white with some khaki linen thrown in for 'texture' is for me. I gravitate too much to pattern and color. So my thought is to get rid of some of this brown and use different neutrals, gray, khaki, etc.. with pops of color( evidently, I having been watching some designs shows on the internet)I am having trouble sorting it all out though.
I LOVE this,the bottom photo is the colorway I have. It is kind of slate-ish navy. But I am too chicken to use it as curtains, numero uno, I don't have enough and I cannot stomach paying the regular price for the rest!Numero Dos, I am afraid I may tire of it quickly. I don't love making drapes, but I am glad I can, because it is a deal breaker paying someone. I checked and it was $425 for a single wide pair. Anyway, this is the downside to finding fabulous desinger fabric at Old Time Pottery for 4.99 a yard.
I also bought this Thom Filicia fabric called City Square in Orange. Again, not enough yardage but too cool to pass up.
What to do? Most likely pillows, I am trying to make a buck or two to support my fabric addiction, maybe I need to open an Etsy store. Oh yeah, I don't have time, darn it. However, I am selling some Oriental rugs on Ebay if anyone is interested. You do not have to purchase them via Ebay, I just thought if you read this, you could conviently click over and check out the photos.
I am working on some lamps, the boy's homework hallway, and some other "stuff" so I may have more to come...Later!