Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Luke's Bama Room

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My friend Jennifer's little boy is a huge Alabama fan. For his eighth birthday he asked for a Roll Tide room. This is the kind of challenge I love. Jennifer and I share very similiar tastes, so she is not about to go and buy a Bama bed in the bag and be done. Subtlety, which is not something most Bama fans have a lot of, is the key here. I am just kidding, I am not a rabid football fan, I save myself for the sports my kids play.
Anyway, being a little boy, he would love crimson walls and the aforementioned bed in the bag. Here is my option. I would paint his blue walls Backdrop by Sherwin Williams. Unfortunately, the site would not let me copy a paint chip, but it is a similiar shade to the gray in the Waverly Cross Section fabric on the collage.The first shot is "painted" in that color, the trim is antique white which is what they already have. Not instituitional gray but one with a little warmth. His bed is also dark wood so I think lighter colored bedding would look awesome. Since I detest sewing large bedding I would buy this cargo duvet from PBteen in the stone. I think cream and charcoal should be the main colors here and just touches of crimson. I would use the Waverly for a bedkirt and drapes. I think he has a red drapes that might already work, in that case I'd just use it for bedding. I love it though... so I would use it in large doses. He wouldn't outgrow it either. The red, cream and gray stripe which is called "boys will be boys" I would use as Euro pillows and turn on the bias and border his red drapes. Haha, what a nightmare for those of us who sew. It would be killer looking though.

I would use the removable Alabama decal over his bed. Jennifer found a website that has huge action shots of the players, so that would round out the artwork. I would like this Alabama room,but it might be too subtle for a little boy, so if I could I would try to find him some sheets with the logo. By the time he collects all of his little boy stuff to go in there it would be Bama enough I am sure.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jack's 4th Birthday

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We had Jack's birthday party yesterday! What fun. I had already made up all the favors and decorated so all I had to do was put it out. Deviously, I pick times of day where my guests should have already eaten, so all we had to eat was big bowl of sausage and cream cheese dip and of course, cake. I really don't like to have left over food. Jack requested a Backyardigans theme to which I used as my "inspiration." I did buy a banner, which you can barely see in the photos but it does have the Backyardigans on it and some favors to support the theme.
I have totally given up on baking for right now, so I ordered his cake from Something Sweet Bakery in Daphne. It was an Oreo cake and it was awesome. I added a few Pablo sugar decorations to the top, which satisfied the birthday boy that is was a Backyardigans cake.
I was attempting to make decorations that we could use for a few other parties, but it rained a lot and paper and water don't mix.

He had a really good time on the huge waterslide. I should have had more pictures but my camera kept fogging up from the ac'd inside to the outside.

He finally thinks he's really four now that he had the "real" birthday party. He loved opening the presents and was so pumped about each one. Before he'd open the next one he'd say is this one mine. He was very grateful and precious. He got a few dress-up costumes and of course, he put them all on at one time.

I am relieved this one went over without a hitch, we only have two more parties and then I can have this baby. John's party is July 31st. We are also hosting the Allstar team the night before in order to get double duty out of the water slide rental.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Master Bedroom



I am almost finished with the nursery. I have a bad cold in my chest that has had me down for a couple of days. We also had company from out of town so I was busy this weekend. I still have to line the panels, which I am dreading. As soon as they are finished I will post photos of the nursery.
My latest quest has been fabric for my bedroom. I ordered a duvet set from Overstock and unfortunately it is a tad too small and ugly. I also threw away the packaging. They have an excellent return policy, if in original packaging. I won't be repeating that mistake.
Anyway, I am still in love with linen and spa blue. While I was in Richtex the other day picking out fabric for the diaper bag my Aunt Penny is having made for me, I ran across two of these swatches. I absolutely love the second sample. I was thinking of making a bed skirt and shams out of it. I refuse to attempt duvet covers- they are to cumbersome. The scrolly floral was something that I thought might pull the ugly Overstock duvet together, but nothing will help. It's too brutal to be my jumping off point. I need to find something I like and stick to it.
The top photo is from Southern Living, I would like to emulate this look. I have very traditional furniture and I love the contemporary prints with it. I love fabric so much but I think I may get a little too busy pulling in different patterns. I will have a solid linen quilt to give the eye some rest. The first fabric is a steal, the others are not. I am also trying to save up for school supplies. I feel a sense of urgency in getting this done though, I have only eight more weeks and I can't keep going on cough meds. Need some help deciding if I should go for it or wait...