Monday, July 19, 2010

Jack's 4th Birthday

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We had Jack's birthday party yesterday! What fun. I had already made up all the favors and decorated so all I had to do was put it out. Deviously, I pick times of day where my guests should have already eaten, so all we had to eat was big bowl of sausage and cream cheese dip and of course, cake. I really don't like to have left over food. Jack requested a Backyardigans theme to which I used as my "inspiration." I did buy a banner, which you can barely see in the photos but it does have the Backyardigans on it and some favors to support the theme.
I have totally given up on baking for right now, so I ordered his cake from Something Sweet Bakery in Daphne. It was an Oreo cake and it was awesome. I added a few Pablo sugar decorations to the top, which satisfied the birthday boy that is was a Backyardigans cake.
I was attempting to make decorations that we could use for a few other parties, but it rained a lot and paper and water don't mix.

He had a really good time on the huge waterslide. I should have had more pictures but my camera kept fogging up from the ac'd inside to the outside.

He finally thinks he's really four now that he had the "real" birthday party. He loved opening the presents and was so pumped about each one. Before he'd open the next one he'd say is this one mine. He was very grateful and precious. He got a few dress-up costumes and of course, he put them all on at one time.

I am relieved this one went over without a hitch, we only have two more parties and then I can have this baby. John's party is July 31st. We are also hosting the Allstar team the night before in order to get double duty out of the water slide rental.


Scarlett said...

It was great and the kids enjoyed it! I loved seeing little Jackie's face light up opening some of his gifts! The decorations were so cute, as always with you!

Jennifer Werneth said...

so cute, as always! where do you and nichole get those paper lantern thingys? jack is so precious - i could eat him with a spoon!

Melanie said...

Jen-we got them at Hobby Lobby. I have them all left in good shape if you want to borrow them.