Friday, October 22, 2010

What's old is new

From time to time I become a little dissatisfied with the decor of my home. Especially if I receive a catalog or magazine that features a style so radically different from my own. In an effort to remain content and unstressed, I think it is better just to embrace whatever you've got. For instance, I have a lot of "old" stuff, some antique some just old junk. I have noticed the abundance of painted furniture, mainly gray, in most publications these days. I really love this look, it seems so calming but much more modern. I have said this before, most of my furnishing are tan or brown and very traditional. While I appreciate having nice things I do feel like it can be somewhat of a "mature" look that I have accidentally gotten myself into. I don't particularly want my home to be a revolving door for "stuff",either. I LIKE that my junk has a story even if it is a short one. My bed is a "mahogany" sleigh bed, Andy and I found it, minus the side rails, at this now closed store in Foley called Returns for next to nothing. About six years later, we realized that they sold a similar bed at Big Lots and the rails were sold separately. Now the bed is complete. The Devil, the author of decorating magazines(discontent),keeps showing me killer upholstered headboards everywhere. Will I get one? Absolutely not. Number one, I am lacking the funds to do so, but I am trying to be content and patient. As soon as I get an new upholstered bed, Pottery Barn or some other publication I admire will return to sporting sleigh beds. To further prove my point about what's old is new again, have you seen the deluge of brass accessories everywhere? Notice the fabulous photos above. Didn't we all just move away from this terribly 80's kiss of death. I see it everywhere and think it looks awesome. Eddie Ross does fantastic things with it as seen here. If you haven't seen his work, check out his website, he has awesome ideas. He has really inspired me lately. I can't wait to dig around in some thrift store looking for brass objects. Actually, I had already been doing this but I was painting it. He paints some and leaves some depending on the condition I suppose. I found a pair of brass ginger jar lamps at Goodwill and attempted to create a hammered copper finish, some things just can't be duplicated with spray paint. I am going to paint them a color next, thank goodness spray paint is cheap.
I have a little Eddie envy, he gets to prowl through really awesome thrift stores for a living.
Perusing through junk stores for my lamps and accesories is to me an acceptable way of changing out things and updating for a more current look(sounds like an oxymoron-updating with old stuff). The antiques that have been given to me or we have bought I wouldn't dream of painting,but a Goodwill table, I can't get to Lowe's fast enough for the spray paint. So I think I have figured out a way to compromise, it involves fabric too... By changing out the pillows and lamp shades for fun and current fabric, you can have a new look fairly inexpensively. Keep your old stuff and stories that come with it. A little paint and fabric can jazz up most anything.
When it comes to being truly content,the heavenly Father is the best source. So whenever I get the latest Ballard or Pottery Barn catalog,my best course of action should be to take it to the trash can and got get my Bible instead. It is a hobby of mine to redo, but if makes me have that antsy,can't stand everything I own feeling-I need to run away as fast as I can. So if you get that feeling like I do sometimes, do a little online window shopping and blog hopping and you will see that some small changes can make a big difference.

photo credit left image Hillary Thomas,center Eddie, right photo Robert Allen

Monday, October 18, 2010

Frye fantasy

I love boots! Almost as much as blue jeans. I have been really jonesing for a new pair after I fell in love with a pair of $300 Frye's I saw in this month's Country Living here
This was not the photo I saw, the ones I saw were the dark brown Campus boots. I had to do a little research for that. I barely missed a pair on ebay, but the timing was off and I would still have to blow half my grocery money.
I found some knock off harness boots on which by the way has some really good looking boots. Can you guess which ones are from Frye?

I did buy a pair of gray suede lug soled ones for 39.99 a steal compared to the Frye's. They are very comfortable. I tried to get on board with the jeans tucked in look. I feel kind of "fancy" like that in high heeled boots. So I wore UGGs to death last winter. I may be a little allergic to wool because my legs kept itching like crazy. Socks would have solved that little snafu but they are waaay too warm. Anyway, I have a pair of ankle boots that look a lot like the Fryes that I have had about 12 years. I thought if I had kept them around that long the Frye's would be worth the investment.
After looking and sighing a pretty good bit( all day)I have compiled my Frye fantasy list. Drumroll please.

These red cowboy boots might become mine. They are currently on ebay, so do not snake them from me. My two followers have smaller feet than me, ha! The purse costs as much as the boots. The brown boots are the aforementioned campus boots, so fine! I think I need to change the name of this blog to "Expensive Stuff I Will Never Have". Catchy isn't it?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sleepy days

I don't want to rush Drew's babyhood by one second(most of the time). I am trying to relish it all,all to often I am reminded of how fleeting time is. All I have to do is look around,catch one of his big brothers and I am reminded of how big they are in contrast. These past few weeks have flown by. My baby boy is now 7 weeks old. He is very cute and sweet. I love him so much, however I am growing impatient with the weight loss. Even though I have read on numerous websites that you should wait 2 months to begin dieting, I have to get in gear. Please don't barrage me with give it time comments (you two followers). I love fall clothing and I am NOT going to buy a new wardrobe to suit this bod. So the bod is going to have to get into the existing wardrobe. I wanted to be nice to myself, so I have been wearing maternity jeans (brutal), thankfully they are too big now. I have lost 30 lbs, but the other 25 are taking their sweet time. For you math whizzes out there, I gained 45 lbs, again, but need to lose more. I really tried to eat more reasonably this time, much to my chagrin the weight gain remained the same. Soooo... I am going to work hard and maybe by Christmas I will be able to fit into my clothes. Anyways...I truly am not as bothered by it as this sounds. I just want to buy a pair of boots and only have white skinny jeans that I can wear...I don't think that is the look I am after. You have to be on your thin side for white skinnies. Maybe I need gray ones. Or a dark wash. Whatever.
Did I mention how cute my boy is? I wouldn't trade him for a skinny bod any day.
His big brother,Jack is not feeling well... As you can see, he is under the table asleep. Cue the Dave Matthews.
Obviously, the "tree hugger" in me hasn't quite disappeared. The Frye boots, the Dave...I like to refer to this tendency now as bohemian. I do not follow bands anymore just trying to follow the Lord. That sounds pretty cheesy.
I have been working on some fun stuff lately. I made Drew a new sling, I re-invented Abby Kate a pair of pants and shirt(added a ruffle to walmart leggings and appliqued the shirt) recovered a lamp shade, and painted two lamps. I failed to take a pic of the outfit. I think I will do a separate post on the redo's. I have ran out of patient babies.