Monday, October 18, 2010

Frye fantasy

I love boots! Almost as much as blue jeans. I have been really jonesing for a new pair after I fell in love with a pair of $300 Frye's I saw in this month's Country Living here
This was not the photo I saw, the ones I saw were the dark brown Campus boots. I had to do a little research for that. I barely missed a pair on ebay, but the timing was off and I would still have to blow half my grocery money.
I found some knock off harness boots on which by the way has some really good looking boots. Can you guess which ones are from Frye?

I did buy a pair of gray suede lug soled ones for 39.99 a steal compared to the Frye's. They are very comfortable. I tried to get on board with the jeans tucked in look. I feel kind of "fancy" like that in high heeled boots. So I wore UGGs to death last winter. I may be a little allergic to wool because my legs kept itching like crazy. Socks would have solved that little snafu but they are waaay too warm. Anyway, I have a pair of ankle boots that look a lot like the Fryes that I have had about 12 years. I thought if I had kept them around that long the Frye's would be worth the investment.
After looking and sighing a pretty good bit( all day)I have compiled my Frye fantasy list. Drumroll please.

These red cowboy boots might become mine. They are currently on ebay, so do not snake them from me. My two followers have smaller feet than me, ha! The purse costs as much as the boots. The brown boots are the aforementioned campus boots, so fine! I think I need to change the name of this blog to "Expensive Stuff I Will Never Have". Catchy isn't it?


Scarlett said...

Thanks! I needed a good laugh and drool at the same time! LOVED the red cowboy! Want the purse! I have been jonesing for some new boots too! I actually found a pair of Ralph Laurens I like, but I want the brown cords to wear with them! Oh well, its good to want!

Anonymous said...

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