Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Luke's Bama Room

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My friend Jennifer's little boy is a huge Alabama fan. For his eighth birthday he asked for a Roll Tide room. This is the kind of challenge I love. Jennifer and I share very similiar tastes, so she is not about to go and buy a Bama bed in the bag and be done. Subtlety, which is not something most Bama fans have a lot of, is the key here. I am just kidding, I am not a rabid football fan, I save myself for the sports my kids play.
Anyway, being a little boy, he would love crimson walls and the aforementioned bed in the bag. Here is my option. I would paint his blue walls Backdrop by Sherwin Williams. Unfortunately, the site would not let me copy a paint chip, but it is a similiar shade to the gray in the Waverly Cross Section fabric on the collage.The first shot is "painted" in that color, the trim is antique white which is what they already have. Not instituitional gray but one with a little warmth. His bed is also dark wood so I think lighter colored bedding would look awesome. Since I detest sewing large bedding I would buy this cargo duvet from PBteen in the stone. I think cream and charcoal should be the main colors here and just touches of crimson. I would use the Waverly for a bedkirt and drapes. I think he has a red drapes that might already work, in that case I'd just use it for bedding. I love it though... so I would use it in large doses. He wouldn't outgrow it either. The red, cream and gray stripe which is called "boys will be boys" I would use as Euro pillows and turn on the bias and border his red drapes. Haha, what a nightmare for those of us who sew. It would be killer looking though.

I would use the removable Alabama decal over his bed. Jennifer found a website that has huge action shots of the players, so that would round out the artwork. I would like this Alabama room,but it might be too subtle for a little boy, so if I could I would try to find him some sheets with the logo. By the time he collects all of his little boy stuff to go in there it would be Bama enough I am sure.


Jennifer Werneth said...

oh my! how much do you charge for your consulting fee? fabo! i love the gray/cream fabric, and keeping just a touch of crimson. is the stripe at rich tex, too, or is it cheaper at you're the bomb, girl! i may have to just surprise luke with our choices - he'd tacky-it up if i'd let him! rtr!

Melanie said...

This pregnancy brain has made me forget how to link, but all the fabrics I found at, except the houndstooth which is on aka Richtex. It is called Large houndstooth Phoenix, its 6.95/yd. Boys will be Boys is 7.98 at and the Waverly is 8.98. They are great about having the Waverly on sale and posting coupons. They also ship out of Atlanta so it gets here very quickly. No fee required I love doing this kind of thing, as much as you do. I am also a huge lover of gray these days.

Scarlett said...

This is cute, even if it is the crappy Bammer decor! I like ya'lls train of thought, subtle, yet just enough for him to wet his whistle that he has a Bama room. And you know how I love Ben's PB teen cargo duvet. Fabo!