Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Master Bedroom



I am almost finished with the nursery. I have a bad cold in my chest that has had me down for a couple of days. We also had company from out of town so I was busy this weekend. I still have to line the panels, which I am dreading. As soon as they are finished I will post photos of the nursery.
My latest quest has been fabric for my bedroom. I ordered a duvet set from Overstock and unfortunately it is a tad too small and ugly. I also threw away the packaging. They have an excellent return policy, if in original packaging. I won't be repeating that mistake.
Anyway, I am still in love with linen and spa blue. While I was in Richtex the other day picking out fabric for the diaper bag my Aunt Penny is having made for me, I ran across two of these swatches. I absolutely love the second sample. I was thinking of making a bed skirt and shams out of it. I refuse to attempt duvet covers- they are to cumbersome. The scrolly floral was something that I thought might pull the ugly Overstock duvet together, but nothing will help. It's too brutal to be my jumping off point. I need to find something I like and stick to it.
The top photo is from Southern Living, I would like to emulate this look. I have very traditional furniture and I love the contemporary prints with it. I love fabric so much but I think I may get a little too busy pulling in different patterns. I will have a solid linen quilt to give the eye some rest. The first fabric is a steal, the others are not. I am also trying to save up for school supplies. I feel a sense of urgency in getting this done though, I have only eight more weeks and I can't keep going on cough meds. Need some help deciding if I should go for it or wait...

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Scarlett said...

Go for it while you can! I'll be glad to help, once you show me exactly how to make those shams!