Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The end of my self

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Happy New Year! It has been a long while since I posted anything. I have been struggling with my priorities. Some days just getting everyone where they need to be makes me crazy. My goal for ,not just the new year,but for the rest of my life is to put God first and to turn to Him for the right priorities and balance and peace. I want Him to be real in my life, for this to happen I have to seek him. He is not in the sewing or washing machine either! He is in creation no doubt, but in His creation and in His Word. Can I get an amen! I have asked again, sincerely this time, to be made aware of sin in my life. And He's doing it! No surprise there, I am just a little surprised at my attitude about it. Trying not to make excuses and justifying is really hard.
So... I am making some changes, I changed the name of this blog. I don't want my life to be about chaos, God is not the author of confusion. I hope that I have stated clearly what I will be writing about. I love God, I love my family, and I really like to work on stuff, so I am going to share these things.
We all have struggles, I am hoping that by identifying the source of some of these battles, Satan. I can recognize my sin for what it is and turn from it. I have a long list of what I have identified in my life. Let me say for the longest time , I have been unable to see how sharing any sin I am currently struggling with or have in the past as beneficial to me or anyone else. I was wrong.
I am in the process of cleaning and organizing my house too, completing projects that I have had the materials for forever, just trying to get my act together in general.

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