Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More fun with fabric

While I sit around and nurse this boy I plot, scheme, and redecorate. My creative juices are flowing again and I am itching to fluff it up around here. Which means I might make some new pillows. Haha! With it being almost time for fall I like to change things up a bit. I have been eyeballing one of these fabrics for some time and unfortunately, it is a very bad photo. I look at my sample and try to talk myself down from the ledge. It is kind of expensive for me, so I will only use it on the front of the pillows and use a solid linen on the back. Hopefully, a yard will suffice. Its the turquoise velvet by Robert Allen in the top left corner. It would coordinate just fine with my rug and the other colors in my den. The paisley is just fun and it kind of reminds me of some Pottery Barn pillows I have admired. The turquoise ikat is just killer and I would like to have cafe curtains for my kitchen window out of it. It also comes in kind of a rusty orange which I also really like. The last swatch is a super zig zag pattern by Premier Prints, I would like to make a lumbar pillow for the couch out of it. I may have to go by my favorite place in the world, Richtex Fabrics tomorrow since it is my birthday and get a few sample to peruse.

I really need to finish my bedroom, but I just can't seem to pull it together in there. I do like a collected look, but nothing matches in there except the pillow shams to the quilt. I got off to a good start but I despise the lack of symmetry in there. I have been wanting two matching bedside tables for a long time, but I have yet to find anything I really like that I can afford. Goodwill is fresh out.
Anyway, I have way too much extra junk in there right now that isn't going anywhere for the time being. The baby cradle and our old recliner. The recliner is disgusting but it was the only thing I could comfortably try to sleep in the last little while of my pregnancy. I did not realize how junky it looked until I took one of my friends around to see the house and we went in there. It looks like the area where you pull up to and dump your stuff off at Goodwill. Brutal.
Another thing is... nobody really goes in there except me and Andy so I try to concentrate on the places people see the most. Also, the places I try to keep the cleanest. Praise the Lord the kids bedrooms are upstairs.
After I work on my pillows, my next goal is to fancy up the mudroom. I would like to encourage the punks to put their stuff up every once in awhile. I was thinking since they love yellow so much, maybe they would be more likely to get excited about work if it was fun to look at. I already have 5 built in lockers and a bench, all I need is some of these fabrics...


"The Mother Ship" said...

Okay, Melanie! I love these fabrics. I may need your help. I bought a new piece of art and I am now trying to pull it all together. I would love a few suggestions....maybe it would get you off the ledge for a little while. Plus, you could spend someone else's money. HAHA

"The Mother Ship" said...

"The Mother Ship" is me....Brandy! :) Just realized that it didn't include my real name.

Jennifer Werneth said...

love, love the yellow and gray fabrics. funny, i was thinking the other day that if i had luke's gray room to myself, i'd throw some yellow and cream in there and make it oh so purdy.