Thursday, May 26, 2011

baby shower for Ann

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A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a baby shower for my cousin. She is having a baby girl in August! I do not like to wait until it is impossible for the honoree to bend over to have these things(parties that is). Yes, I use these tired old paper lanterns every time I have a shindig, I did buy and borrow a few pink ones. I like paper products almost as much as fabric. I thought I took pictures of the food table as well, evidently not. This obviously shows my lack of interest in this area of entertaining.
This shower has started full party mode at my house, we will have two baseball parties this Saturday for Sam's and John's teams. Afterwards, begins the summer birthdays, Jack in July, then John and Drew in August. Drew really isn't asking for much, except for Mamamamama and Dadadada. It should be a no-brainer!
I can spend embarassing amounts of time checking out party blogs. They are all soooo cute. The common element in most of these adorable parties is co-ordinating printables and lots of candy. Of course, the decorations are to die for too. These folks have more money than sense
But if you are looking for some cute birthday ideas go to Hostess with the Mostess or the Party Dress.
Both have killer ideas and lists of the blogs they like too, so you can spend all day looking at cute stuff.
When I grow up, after I become an interior decorator, I am going to be a party planner. My S-I-L is going to be my partner in crime, she can cook, praise the Lord.
The last group of photos is of the African special snack (party to me) for John's class. I love the bright colors with the animal prints. I tried to talk one of them into a birthday party with this theme. I could not really get too much into it just for a snack. It was really adorable though, since it was just supposed to be a snack I HAD to make food. I made lion cookies and zebra cakes. Both were just jazzed up pre-made stuff. They ate them up though!






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