Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Master Bedroom wishlist

Maybe, Andy will read this one day and buy all of this furniture for me. Since, we will never have a little girl's boudoir, I think mine should be ultra feminine. All of this fabulousness is from Layla Grace.com. The bed costs about 4 grand. Just a drop in the bucket isn't it? The bedding is from Pom Pom at Home, to whom I have my lovely hairdresser Fran to thank for introducing me to. It is killer with a capital K. The collection looks like antique linens, it's constructed alot like the heirloom dresses that I so covet. So either, I compromise and have bedding that looks like this or one dandified little baby boy. I have no problem with boys in heirloom garments, but I have a slew of naysayers now in the form of brothers. I can just hear it now," Mama, why is the baby wearing a dress (aka daygown)." They all wore them, but they were all to young to know any different when the next one came along.
Anyways, I would like to purchase all of this stuff and really fix up my room. The price tags of these items prohibits me from that iclination and sends me to Goodwill and to my sewing room to try to copy them . I have recently sworn off trying to fix up junk. My new tactic is to just wait and see if Andy will come through. I can always dream, can't I?

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