Monday, April 26, 2010

Johnny Baseball

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We are at the ballpark about 3 sometimes 4 days a week. Between two teams with games and practices we can log in the hours there. Not to mention the friends that we have to go watch, and the high school team. Suffice it to say, we are obsessed. We are not alone, we do have friends that share the same obsession. Thankfully, with all of the boy children that we seem to produce we won't have to give up our pastime for a while.

John is our middle son and he had to play t-ball again this year. His Daddy tried to move him up to the Peanut league, even though he is two years younger than the age requirement. He passed the evaluation and did very well ,but they stood by their rules. They have them for a reason, Andy. Anyway, that was just God's hand because we have seen how competitive the rascal has become and he needs another year to learn how to control himself.

He is a good size kid for his age, so it is expected that he should act older. He is only five years old, though. And it is very evident sometimes, especially when he loses a race. The first incident occurred when he was racing the kids on Sam's team (whom he practices with almost always). He lost. O.k first of all they are three years older than him, but he thinks he is equally matched. Anyway, he was FURIOUS that he lost. He exclaims, "WHAT!" and proceeds to fall out like I have never seen. He throws his legs out from under himself- similarly to the seated bounce like you used to do on a trampoline except he was on red clay. You know it had to hurt. It was so hard not to laugh. Andy thinks this quality is a good trait (this fierce competitiveness), but we have to learn how to harness it. You think.

I fear for the children that he gets after when he fields the ball. They don't all know to stop running when they get on base and if he gets the ball, he is hot after them to get them out.

Of course, it might be a little funny to me because he mine and I know how sweet and gentle he is most of the time. It was not so funny to the other Mother at the ballpark who drug him up to Andy and said he mauled her son on the playground. Never before has he gotten into a fight with anyone, so you can imagine my shock. Evidently, the other child would not let him on the playhouse. I was not there, I had to leave to attend a baby shower, so I cannot attest to any of it. Regardless, whether he was profoundly provoked or not, we can't maul people. He got into big trouble for that one.

Temper control issues aside, he is extremely shy. Last week, he had to take his test for kindergarten. He would not hold his head up and speak to the teacher. Hopefully, he did look up once or twice when she evaluated him. He said he only missed one answer, I have yet to hear from the school. They did say that he was very smart before we left (do they say anything else). He cannot wait for kindergarten, he finally gets to go to school with Sam.

He is such a unique member of our family. He is the only one who has remained blonde, hence the name Blonde John. He looks so much like his Daddy it's not funny. He has always been a Daddy's boy, so I have been ecstatic that he finally shows me some affection. He is very excited that we are having a baby and he is very careful and loving to me. His reaction to the news of another baby brother, "WHAT!" and a fallout.

Next, installment....Sammy superstar! I have to take more photos, I have been very slack this season.


Scarlett said...

These are all the wonderful qualities that we love so much about him! He is such a lovable teddy bear!

Jennifer Werneth said...

how did i miss this post?! i do love your johnny!