Friday, May 21, 2010

Sammy Superstar

Sam is our oldest boy. Superstar is his latest nickname. Andy knew this guy in high school that was very proud of his accomplishments whom they called "Star," his Daddy was "Superstar." I would've saved Superstar for Andy. I am hoping this is just a stage little boys goes through, because I have noticed the same quality, this excessive confidence in other boys his age. I may be the cause of it... I do believe that God has given everyone gifts and talents and I feel kind of strongly about them being used. I generally don't have to carry on about the baseball talent because he so enjoys playing. He is a pretty good sport and I better not find out that he has made any others feel bad. He is a Malone, so he is very competitive and hates to lose, but he is also mine and he is very hard on himself. He is aware of his abilities in this area, but he thinks there are kids that are better than him, whew thank goodness. He is growing up waaaay too fast and I can see the warring emotions on his face so many times when he is trying to be big. It breaks my heart. When he is disappointed and trying not to cry, he blinks alot and holds his lips together. Of course, I want to cry. I always feel like crying. I have been crying a lot these last few weeks. The end of the school year is like that for me. I will have to be hospitalized when they graduate from high school. I may never get over them getting married.
At his end of the year awards, he got the Christian character award for Leadership , he also made the A/B honor roll.
The grades are the issue I really get on my soapbox about when it comes to gifts. He is incredibly bright, much more than I was at his age (and I actually think I was pretty smart,at least I was a good student). I don't have to ride him constantly, but the homework is definitely not a priority, especially reading. Last year, they had a reading contest and he tore through the books. I thought he was developing the lifelong love that I have. Nope, just wanted to win. He has such potential and of course, I want to see it used. So I really harp on him about how blessed he is and blah, blah, blah. You know if I can write this much I can reaaaaally talk a lot.

I really love him alot and I can't get over how special he is. He is such a great big brother, he has tons of patience(another quality of Andy's) and he continues to play ball with Johnny although Johnny quits when it is time for him to be outfield(a quality of mine). He is always sweet to Jack and always has been. He was always excited for us to have another baby as each one came, this time I think he has been embarrassed. I have other friends my age who are having babies, I am only 34, but none of the Mom's in his class. He has had many,many questions about the whole process. It is much different being pregnant this time, they were oblivious previously. Full of questions now and they notice every little physical change. It's pretty funny, but I guess the time for modesty has approached.
I probably should have started in chronological order with them, but I didn't. John must have been especially cute that week.
Last but not least, Sam made Peanut Allstars again, so we get to extend our baseball season a little longer, yeah!

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Jennifer Werneth said...

he is a little superstar - talented and driven! i have always thought he could be a child model, too:). best of all, he's always polite and respectful - a joy to know!