Monday, May 17, 2010

Window Shopping

When I initally started blogging my intent was too blog about my family, not about all the material things I would like to buy. As it is, I get such satisfaction from putting together the dream scenarios (aka collages) it is almost a much fun as shopping. With the added benefit of no buyers remorse, and agonizing if I will like it in ten years. I tend to think I have to hold on to my stuff for the rest of my life. Any old way, when I have time to blog, the kids are otherwise occupied. Since we don't have a t.v, they use the desktop computer to play games ,which has all of my photos stored on it. That also keeps me from blogging about them because I would like to show you who I am talking about. When I run them off my other computer I will be blogging about my big boy, Sam, next.
So, since I am being all worldly and materialistic I will show you show of the other junk I love.

I saw a post on Two Ellie the other day about her friend Brook's nursery, so I had to check it out. It is gorgeous, I love her style and the fact that she seems to shop in the same dives that I do, you can see more here. By the way, I just learned how to link, thanks to my sister in law, Nichole. Thank you so much Nichole and I apologize for my deficiency in this area before. Although, it will become evident how much I window shop, I am afraid.

Since, we are on the subject I am so pumped about baby boy's nursery. He was going to be Drew, but my husband is having some issues with this now. He feels God is leading him to the name Timothy. He prayed for him by the this name and who can argue with this logic. His logic is like that a lot, unarguable. It either makes such sense that to protest would make you feel stupid or you are arguing against the Heavenly Father. Can't win either way. That might be his name, so I need to pray that God will make me feel comfortable with this name. I just know it will shortened to Timmy or worse Tim-Tim. I don't hate the name, it is fine as a middle name. I really would like his name to honor God, as his Daddy has mentioned. He is, after all responsible for blessing us with this little one. The name dilemma is one reason I thought it would be nice to have a girl,we had a name for her, Molly Grace.

O.k so I got off on a tiny little tangent. I have been inspired as I am sure many others have by the recent offerings in the Serena and Lily catalogue. How killer are those headboards? I think it would really break up all the wood furniture I have, to have an upholstered bed. I made one prior to purchasing the bed we now have. It was definitely a beginner result. Just a big ole beige rectangle, it would have been cute dressed up with some nailheads,in retrospect. It would probably be hard for me to sell this option to Andy, since he might remember my first attempt. Also, even more difficult since I would have to buy one this time. I am not getting any smaller and more agile these days. I have shown one on Layla Grace that is to die for, but the one's on S&L ain't bad either see. Speaking of Serena and Lily, I do love their crib bedding. However, my pet peeve is that their crib skirts are too short. I prefer them to touch the floor, as I do with all bedskirts and curtains. Especially for the price. Chintzy. My favorite set is Ben. I am using a similar palette in our nursery. I have finally nailed down my fabric choices and I will bore you with them one last time, then I will be starting on the bumper pads. I am going to attempt to make box cushion bumpers. It is a headache, but I spent too much money on the cording, so now I have to do it myself. I have my fingers crossed that the curtain panels that I purchased will work. If it all comes together as I hope, I will only have the baby bedding to make. Not too bad.


Scarlett said...

Love, Love, Love the fabrics! Tim-Tim will love them too! :) ha-ha! Run Forest, run! Sorry, I was having a moment. I can't wait to see once you finish the bedding. I know it will look wonderful! Thought of a name, you might not like it though. Daniel. It's biblical meaning is "God is my judge". Just a name to throw in the pot!

Jennifer Werneth said...

since we're putting in our two cents worth - what about andrew timothy or nathaniel timothy? the name nate is cute enough to eat, if you ask me. which of course, you didn't :). can't wait to see the nursery come together! i'm most excited about the bumper and the turquoise pillows for the bed. i know that mcnuttie will love his pad!