Sunday, March 21, 2010

Den Fabrics

I wish that making collages out of fabrics would curb my enthusiasm for wanting to change things up. It does not, it just makes me want me to fix up even more.
The above picture is my den, as you can see it is very brown. I love brown evidently, and I mistakenly assumed I would not get tired of it. I am not necessarily tired of brown, I am just tired of the over abundance of it in this one room.I wish I knew how to put these pictures of the fabrics actually on the furniture. Anyway, if Andy would give me some money, I would first buy the blue and brown fabric with the tufts. I would upholster the chair and ottoman in that to start with. It would co-ordinate with all of the existing furniture, so I could stop there. But I would not if I had the dinero. My next step would be to have a slipcover made out of the burlap linen for the couch. It is very comfy and the scale is just fine for the room, it just needs a little freshening up. The next thing I would have made are slipcovers for the club chairs out the blue and brown linen. I would leave the rug. I would have the lamps wired out of these brown vases that I have had for about 2 years. As you can see I would have all of this done for me, not by me. Anyway, I know it is not a major departure from the existing scheme, I am fairly predictable on my likes. Maybe if I ride up to the fabric store and check out(bring it home) the blue tufted I will see that it does nothing for me in person. Hopefully , I can get in and out without backing into a car this time.


Scarlett said...

You are nesting! Already!

Jennifer Werneth said...

at least i'm not the only one who backs into things:). bless our hearts! i love the fabrics, but think you should go even bolder if you recover those chairs! how about the teal you have in the pillows and throw? your eyes would look great when you sat in them! ok, enough from the p-nut gallery!