Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Nursery Fabrics

I am in nursery mode now. I love fabric alot. I also love blue alot. As I said before, the nursery is already blue. It is pretty cute as it is. I have thought since it took me forever and a day to make the curtains and bedding, I should just leave it. That is if this baby is a boy, of course.
Orange was my favorite color as a little girl. Today, Jack said "ange" is his "favite" color too. So this may go for his room if I can't bring myself to make more crib bedding. We haven't figured out the sleeping arrangement for these children yet. Sam, bless his heart sleeps upstairs in his own room. John "protects" Jack by sleeping with him in Jack's room, which is right across the hall from our room. It is the nursery. So... both Johnny and Jack are going to have to move out and up to John's room come September. I think we need to go ahead and start trying now. John has two twin beds that we can push together. Also, no bedding or curtain changes in there.
I am very sensitive to children crying at night. I had nightmares too and I can't stand the thought of them being scared. John also tends to sleep walk. One night, Andy heard a rustling upstairs and found John crying in the shower, asleep. This led to them sleeping together.
I know the new baby will more than likely not sleep in its crib, none of the other guys did. So, I wonder if I should even bother with crib bedding at all.
I have failed to mention that I do happen to have girl crib bedding, just in case. Also, those blue walls will be painted pink as well. She will not have blue clothing either, until she can walk. Then she can have a blue dress.

God has blessed us in countless ways. I am so very excited to be having a baby, boy or girl. Pregnancy is such a struggle for me to die to self. My esteem gets pretty low. My sweet husband reminds me of what a reward we get for such a small sacrifice. I appreciate his thoughtfulness, but nothing about me is small anymore and I have 24 more weeks to go. In my previous prgnancies my weight gain has been substantial, 40,50, and 50 lbs. It's hard looking forward to the prospect of all that. I do not know why it has been particularly hard on me this time, I have bared my giant belly every pregnant summer I have had. Yes, in a bikini.


Scarlett said...

And I so hope you will bare that belly again this summer! At least there won;t be any rolls! Embrace it, you are always beautiful; pregnant or not!

Jennifer Werneth said...

yes, the sacrafice never seems small while you're pregnant...later maybe! i hope the boys' transition to john's room goes smoothly; it would be nice to have one less thing to worry about. oh, and i love the fabrics (of course!).