Saturday, March 13, 2010

Babies on the brain

I have been a deadbeat blogger lately. I had a great week, I AM totally feeling better. I did have a sinus infection and I have a nice scab on the end of my nose from blowing it, but other than that, hunky dory. I had an appointment with the second favorite man in my life, Dr. Shoemaker. I had only gained two pounds this time. Holla! Prior to that, I gained 5 in two weeks. I am trying not to be so obsessed about the climbing numbers. I have started exercising with my honey,Andy. We have two elliptical machine set up. He gets the old decrepit one, I get the new one with all the bells and whistles. We fantasize that he is going to be totally buff with washboard abs and I am going to be too except with an enormous stomach. The kids watch us and retrieve cups of water for me.
I also got the good news on Thursday that I can have my ultrasound in three weeks. Yes, we do find out. I am not great at patience. Pray that this baby will be positioned so that we can see it's "business" and that it is healthy.
We have babies on the brain around here. My good friend Jennifer had her baby girl the week before last. She is a such a doll.
Also, my friend and cousin Amanda is expecting a baby boy in 7 weeks, so we will be having a shower for her soon. I am pumped about this. My SIL and MIL will be helping me host it.
The photos above have inspired me. The pom poms are my favorite, I think they will show up everywhere now that I have learned to make them. I bought a yard of each of the Heather Bailey fabrics above to make a table runner (or something). There is a great possibility that my own baby will be another boy. We do have a good track record around here, so I believe that I will use these prints in his little room. The walls are already this beautiful aqua-ish blue. Won't it be cute. Heather has patterns for different little cutesies on her website to use with her killer fabrics. I am in love with them all.


Scarlett said...

I do love the fabric! I really don't know what I am going to do when all you ladies are done being pregnant! I'm glad you are feeling better and look forward to working on the shower with you! Love you.

Jennifer Werneth said...

love, love, love the fabrics and colors! exercising while pregnant - you're a better woman than me!