Friday, March 26, 2010

Drew's room (baby boy #4)


Those of you who are bored with this already, sorry. I LOVE doing these little collages of fabrics. It saves me the time of going to the store and unwisely buying a yard or two of unnecessary fabrics (for pillows for instance). I already have the stripe in the top left. It is called Bazaar stripe, by P. Kaufmann I believe. The majority of the other fabrics are by Joel Dewberry, with the exception of the Minky which can be bought anywhere. A Google search will bring up the stores that sell these fabrics. Anyway, If I could remember where I found them I would link them all, but I am not trying to sell them, I just like them.

Anyway, yesterday I had the epiphany that I would do my nursery in aqua,brown and orange if we are expecting a boy. So after a little bit of looking,this is what I came up with. I may make some little fabric animals as well to go with. I don't like to get too themey, namely because I usually have an idea in my head as to what would be cute and I can't find it. Or it costs too much. I am not sure as to how I am going to put all of this together, I may have to do some drawings first.
Also, the title, I know some might be wondering who is Drew. Maybe, the little one in utero. We have an appointment Thursday at 10:00. The gender of this child is the most highly anticipated mystery. So for all of you who don't find out, I don't know how you manage. The first part of this pregnancy has crept by, it seems to me it passes by much faster once that little cat is out of the bag. I like to start making day gowns, and bedding, and going shopping. That kind of gets put on hold. Whatever... I am dying to know and I am not going to make any excuses for it.
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Jennifer Werneth said...

okay, i love, love all of them - especially the geometric aqua in the middle of the top row - yummy! truly the fabrics you pick are like eye candy! glad that you'll be doing something new to delight all of us, whether it's drew or molly!