Monday, January 25, 2010

Blue chairs

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I was feeling kind of yuck earlier and did not quite feel up to blogging. Still feeling gross, but now feel like blogging. I have been doing a little window shopping. I recieved my weekly email from Neiman Marcus (because I such a good customer and all-haha) and much to my surprise I am ahead of the trends once again. How do I keep doing this? I think I am going to become a color forecaster. Again, kidding. But blue has been on my favorite list for quite some time. Unfortunately, I am not one who is daring and buys or upholsters something in such fabulousness as these. In the back of my mind is,"I am going to have to love this forever and brown just never fails". So,I have a house full of brown furniture. I try to shake it up with some accent colors, but the look just doesn't quite reach what I have in mind. So today ,I have decided that I am going to gamble on my thrift store finds and go for it. If I don't have the photo, I second guess and think well, I know I thought it looked awesome somewhere. Not quite the photographic memory I used to have. Now that I have my photo references, maybe I can get back to work. Maybe I'll do a before and after and a comparision to the Neiman Marcus. Let's see... Goodwil vs. Neiman. What can I say, I guess I am a dreamer.
But in closing, I came across some paint in a post today that all of us fixer uppers would like to use. It is by Country Living.

It is very thick and dries quickly and just has so many awesome qualities that you need to go over to and read all about it.


Scarlett said...

Go for it! I think the blue chairs are fabulous! I like the one on the bottom right! Hope you get to feeling better.

Kelly Muys Wood said...

I love blue chairs lately! Here's one of my favorites: