Friday, January 29, 2010

My favorite things

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I really don't know what I am doing blogging. I should post more, probably. I have noticed that I write way more than most do on their posts. I haven't quite figured out a theme or my purpose for blogging. I love to read other's blogs and one that comes to mind is My Favorite Things, because of the title. So that's what I think the point of my blog is, carrying on about my favorite things. So here is the list of my favorite things...
1. God- I am ashamed to admit he doesn't always get the attention that the other things on my list get, but without him I could do nothing.
2. My husband and children- My husband, Andy is so much more than I ever dreamed of. He is very patient and loving and easy on the eyes. He is very smart, and stubborn-he is always right. He is also gone until Sunday,hunting, which I am not mad about, absence does make the heart grow fonder. I love him more since we've had these three little boys. I see what a good Daddy God has turned him into, which has made him a better husband as well. Speaking of our three boys, they continue to delight and aggravate me. They delight me way more than they aggravate me, but it can be a lot on one's nerves-the endless energy of three males. I would not change them for anything though.
3. My brother Chris- he is my oldest and best friend. I have other brothers, two to be exact, and I love them to death. Chris is two years older than me but was only one in school. We've always been close from the time I was born, we have been mistaken as twins. He has been through all of my life's melodramas with me. He helps me gain perspective on a lot of things. I hope I help him do the same. He also makes me fall on the floor laughing. He remembers everything and everybody, and can mimic most.
4.Books and magazines- I love to read. I always have. I don't even remember learning to read, which is amazing to me considering how much I love it. My favorite books to read are fiction and usually are Southern in subject. I guess I like to read what I am familiar with.
5. Creating- I like to sew and draw. Both of which have been on hiatus lately. I don't really love the mechanics of sewing so much, but I do love the satisfaction of turning just a plain piece of fabric into something. I rarely draw unless it is for the kids, which is sad. I was so touched this Christmas, my mother-in-law got me a box of art supplies,it brought tears to my eyes.
6. Design- I love picking things out and drawing up room arrangements and floor plans. Not to scale,of course,because I don't like math.
7. Laundry and cleaning- haha! Just seeing if you are paying attention.

Anyway, if I have anyone that actually reads this and wonders the point of it all, that is it. Just rambling on about the stuff I like. It is not a compete list. I do like my friends and lots of other things, but due to privacy and all, I'll leave it at this.

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