Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Elizabeth Allen-the nicest person ever

I have recently discovered this wonderful designer via the world wide web, while looking at bedding. I am fixated with bedding, fabric, etc... So when I stumbled upon her wares at Layla Grace.com, I was smitten. It was an odd series of coincidences which led me to find it,but that is another story. Any old way, she has a fabulous array of beautiful fabrics all on her website Elizabeth Allen Atelier. I am still dying over them. Here comes the best part... I noticed on her web site that she has a store, so I called the number listed to inquire about purchasing some items on the website. I left a message with my very best "Southern" (trying not to sound too redneck) voice. Unfortunately, most of the items I was inquiring after had french names. I thought for sure my message was going to end up on you tube, or something akin to the Walmart people emails. I was definitely not expecting a return phone call.
Elizabeth Allen, whom I now refer to as the nicest person ever, returned my call.
That was huge to me. Not only that, but she spent at least thirty minutes trying to help me piece together bedding, after looking in her storage building for some of the things I asked about. I don't know about you, but I was shocked. She was so nice and so patient. Putting together co-ordinating patterns is one of my favorite things, second only to getting a good deal. I can't divulge all my secrets, but suffice it to say, I killed two birds with one stone with her help. Anyway, sometimes you get the nicest surprises when you least expect it. So Elizabeth, not that you'll read this, but if you do, THANK YOU-YOU ROCK! A formal thank you note will also be coming your way.

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Jennifer Werneth said...

as you may guess, i'm going to the website now! can't wait to see it and love hearing that kindness isn't dead!