Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New year, New Projects

At the start of the year,I, like so many others, feel the need to organize. While I love Christmas to the point that I start thinking about Christmas cards in September, I am so glad to see all the boughs of holly ,magnolia and fir go. Even though it's not, my house seems so much cleaner for a few minutes.

So with the thought of organizing and fluffing (Aunt Sunny's term for re-arranging),here are some photos that have inspired me. The top photo is from the Pottery Barn catalog. The two bottom ones are from Southern Living.

Whenever I sew pillows for myself, I tend to take short cuts and try to rush to complete them. These however, have encouraged me to actually take my time and add the little dressmaker details that will cause me to keep them around.

The how-to for the kitchen command center is on the Southern Living website under Solutions here Do I really need to supply a link the Pottery barn website. We all know that one.

I am going to attempt a combination of the Pottery Barn organizer and the command center, hopefully I can post the results.

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Scarlett said...

I printed the same command center from Southern Living! My, we must be related! You know I love all your ideas and I'm so glad I can just look at your blog now! And, yes, I'm going to the Pottery Barn website now!