Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dream Family room

While enjoying my morning blog feed, I noticed how all my blogging friends always compile these very enjoyable collages of killer home goods. Ha, ha I thought, this would be an excellent endeavour for me as well. Another diversion from spending money. Not that I could buy any new furniture anyway, but if I could start from scratch this is what I would do. Today, anyway...
I would use two of those awesome tufted sofas on each side of the fireplace. The gold console would be topped with the pottery lamps, family photos between the lamps in various earthy looking frames. I would buy two of the burlap and linen chairs, put a small table in between them, a sea grass rug on the floor and use the coffee table I already have. Voila, instant "please don't let the kids in here" territory. This look is very appealing to me, as I think it so light and cheerful. I can imagine how cheerful I would be, trying to keep the room light and cheerful. Not so much. So fun to do this, because it gives me some perspective on what I already have. There are no worries that you can't come in and put your feet up.


Dawn said... is having a $5000 Dream Room Giveaway! You can enter once a day until February 15th. Takes two seconds and might win you some play money!

Jennifer Werneth said...

i simply must have those chairs! of course, i'll wait until the kiddos are older; they wouldn't last a week without being forever stained by grubby fingers!