Sunday, January 31, 2010

House of Havoc

Yes, I am talking about my house. Actually, the title is the name of a new book I am reading, House of Havoc written by Marni Jameson. I am not finished with it yet, but I am loving it so far. It really puts perspective on living with a family and pets.
Having pets is not my excuse for this disaster. My sweet little kitty, Annabelle, is by far the cleanest member of our family. She eats in one place, she potty's in only one bathroom (the litter box), she bathes herself, she has a built in alarm that causes her to meow outside of my door daily about thirty minutes before I really have to get up. All in all, it is not her fault that the house is a mess. Nor is it mine...It is these people who I live with. Anyway, this ideal that keeps popping into my head(put there by Satan ,of course), really isn't attainable for me. This book gives many pointers on making your house beautiful and neat. It also reinforces most of my previous design decisions. Now, I can be happy again with my world of brown. Dirt is brown, so brown furniture is sort of like dirt camo.
What I love most about the book, is it makes me feel like my current standard of living is o.k. You should read it and feel good about yourself too.

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Jennifer Werneth said...

you keep a beautiful house! and i keep reminding myself that the messes and grubby fingerprints on the windows are "signs of life" that i'll miss one day! i'll have to read that book, too!